How to Add Custom Fields to Microsoft Planner tasks

 Office 365, Office 365 Planner
Jun 30 2017

Apps4.Pro Planner Manager provides the ability to create custom fields in Planner tasks. These fields are available only when Plans are accessed using Apps4.Pro and it can be used for reporting purposes.

What are Custom Fields?

It is the field which can be added to the tasks. For ex: Time spent for the task, Priority. These fields are Plan specific and you can set different custom fields for each plans.

You can use the following field types for creating new custom fields.
  • Single / Multi line (Ex: Notes for approver)
  • Date (Ex: Project deadline)
  • Number (Ex: Hours spent for this task)
  • User (Ex: Responsible person for this task)
  • Options (Ex: Priority - High, Medium, Low)
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