Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2.1.6.0 release

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Sep 12 2017

Hi All,
We are happy to announce today the new version availability for Apps4.Pro Planner Manager v2.1.6.0. Some of the important features that are included with this release are:


The saved report is available from Home tab

Copy / Move tasks from one plan to another just by selecting the destination plan name alone.

Other Improvements

  • In custom Fields, we have Included 'Time field' which helps you to enter Start / End time for a task or Time spent for the task
  • Copy / Move tasks
    When tasks are copied / Moved across plans the comments in the destination plan will be suffixed with "Posted on behalf of <username, datetime>".This will help to identify the original user who posted the comment and when it was posted.
  • All Plans report
    We have included new insights to this report such as Source from where the plan is created (Planner / Teams ), Group name to which the plan belongs to (as team can have multiple plans), Plan created by, Created date time. This helps users to easily identify the meta details for the plan easily.

Issue fixes

The below issues are fixed in this version
  • In some cases, the start and due date for the task gets vanished when edited from Planner Manager.
  • Date format gets standardised. Earlier the Start / Due date will have different formats when viewed from reports gird and Add / Edit tasks window. Now we have fixed it to have standard format across all places which follows the date time format set in your computer.
This new version is available for download from our website
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