Introducing Microsoft Planner Gantt chart, Timeline, Scheduler and Agenda view in Apps4.Pro Planner Web

 Office 365, Office 365 Planner, Santhosh
Jun 8 2017

Different views of tasks are required to manipulate Plans and its Tasks. A Project admin can do a more on Planner with the availability of these views. This helps him to manage his own tasks or the team tasks and see if users are overloaded with tasks on a particular day and organize them properly. Keeping this in mind we have introduced the below views for Planner tasks in Apps4.Pro Planner web add-in .
  • Gantt chart View
  • Timeline View
  • Agenda View
  • Scheduler View (Calendar)

We hope that with the introduction of all these views benefit users as well as managers to Plan their as well as their team tasks effectively on top of Planner. Please post your comments on this as it helps us to look in to the areas of improvement.

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