GingerEx AD & GPO Auditor

Security reporting and auditing of Active Directory is a time-consuming task that every IT admin has to undertake. To ease the process and provide complete solution, JiJi Technologies brings forth GingerEx AD & GPO Auditor for Active Directory. Quick and robust software, this audit reporter doesn’t require an agent to function. Generally, built-in auditing tools do not provide necessary information while reporting, due to its lack in capability of data consolidation and involvement of hectic scripting. Contrary to this, GingerEx AD & GPO Auditor can audit and present detailed reports on each and every Active Directory changes. It can be considered best suited for compliance audits like HIPAA, SOX and PCI.


Active Directory Change Reporting

Helps to monitor the changes happen in the Active Directory in real time. Sends email notifications to specified users as and when a change happened with the following details.

  • Who changed?
  • When changed?
  • What changed?
  • Where changed?

GingerEx AD & GPO Auditor change reporting provides you the full picture of each and every change with complete details after analyzing the related Logs collected from respective DCs. This makes the audit reporting 100% accurate. With its ready to use reports you can generate reports in seconds.

User Log on and Log off reports

Manage and Monitor user Log on and Log off activity in real time. This report can be scheduled / exported and can be used as Attendance report by HR team.

The other information that can be obtained from this report are:

  • Logon summary Based on user
  • Log on failure activity
  • Log on summary based on user / Work station
  • Account log on failures
  • Account log on summary based on user / DC / Client machine.
  • User Failed requests.
  • User last logon activity

Other Audit Reports

  • All object Audit logs.
  • Change audit logs for User / Computer.
  • Audit logs based on User / Object / Action.

GPO Auditing (Change Reports)

The list of report categories included under GPO Change Reporting are
  • All GPO Changes
  • Computer Settings Changes
  • User Settings Changes