JiJi Self Service Password Reset

With JiJi Self Service Password Reset, end-users can securely reset their Active Directory password without the dependent of help desk. This product allows users to Reset Password / Change Password / Unlock Account /Reset Cached Domain Password/ Self Update their information in AD securely.

JiJi Self Service Password Reset lowers end-user downtime as all the actions related to their AD accounts can be performed by themselves from their computer even if it is not connected to domain. For eg: Imagine a case were you are on a vacation and you laptop password expired. JiJi Self Service Password Reset helps you to reset your computer's AD cached password and allows you to reset it after authenticating yourself just with the help of internet connection. Excited? contact support@jijtechnologies.com to know more details about reset cached domain password through offline network.

Worried about Reset passwords when your users are on vacation / not connect to domain? Click here to know more.

Reset/Change Password and Unlock account

End-Users can reset password / unlock account easily and securely by Authenticating themselves. These actions can be performed from their Mobile devices, Logon Screen, OWA or product web portal.

Logon Agent / GINA

Allow your users to easily Reset password from their Windows Login screen itself (from Ctrl + Alt + Del screen). These Logon agents available for Windows / MAC / OWA.

Connectors for Password sync

Allow users to connect accounts from multiple systems. Helps organisations to achieve Single Sign-on.

Password Expiry Notification

Admins can notify users about their Account or Password expiration well in advance through email or sms. This reduces helpdesk calls and increase productivity for users.

Multi factor Authentication

Authentications user identity in multiple ways as Mobile/SMS, Email and Question and Answers for higher security. This ensures zero identity theft of end-user account.

Mobile / SMS API integration

You can easily integrate the third party Mobile/SMS API with JiJi to send One Time access code to authenticate themselves.

Reset Cached password

Worried about Reset passwords when your users are on vacation / not connect to domain? Using JiJi Self Service Password Reset, users can easily reset cached domain password in their desktop/laptop without domain network connectivity by using internet access.

Detailed Audit Logs

Monitor and logs each and every end-user activity such as password reset, failed requests, incorrect answers, unlock actions, users enrolled. This helps Admin to easily monitor the self-service actions done by users.

FIPS Compliance Management

As passwords are encrypted and stored using Microsoft’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm which makes your organisation FIPS compliant.

Enforce Password policy

Enforce Active Directory password policy while users reset their Passwords. This helps your organization to be compliant for security audits.

Easy customization / Branding

Designed for complete customization and Branding of user pages as required by simple drag and drop.

Helpdesk delegation

Helps you to delegate user management to teams. Eg: Delegation to HR for Self update user Address, Mobile number or Department.

Directory Search

AD directory search helps Admin / users to find or get information about other users.

Support for Multiple languages

Multilingual support for French, German, Italian, Spanish & Russian.

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