JiJi Self Service Password Reset Suite is a self-repair solution that is specially designed to reduce Help-Desk calls. It also aims to provide an easy way to solve day to day end-user problems. As a result, it gives total control for end-users to reset and change password, and unlock account in case of accidental locking. Self Service Password Reset Suite poses serious challenge for hackers by following multi-factor authentication of users. High security ensured to user identity with this suite prevents anonymous and malicious access to the self-service portal.

Three kinds of Multi-Factor Authentication that this suite involves are:

Challenge and Response Authentication (Question & Answers)

To create profiles, users need to enrol themselves into Self Service Password Reset Portal. For this, they have to answer some specific set of questions that are well-known only to the user. This is vital for resetting password or unlocking an account as the portal will ask users to enter correct answers to the questions they answered during enrolment, when they try resetting password or unlocking their accounts.s

Enrollment Process

Password Reset by Question And Answer challenge

Password Reset Process

Question And Answer challenge

Often, administrators face fake attempts to reset password or unlock accounts. To restrict such repeated attempts, following key security options are available to admin:

  • Lock the user for password reset operation after ‘N’ incorrect answers for ‘X’ minutes
  • Block requests from that specific IP, after ‘N’ failed requests for ‘X’ minutes