One time Enrollment is the preliminary process for every user in order to use JiJi Self Service Password Reset/Unlock portal as they have to prove their identity during password reset, change reset and unlock account. Users are need to be enrolled into Self Service Password Reset portal by answering specific set of questions which are well-known only for the user alone. When user performs reset password or unlock account action they will be asked to enter the correct answers for the questions that they answered during enrollment.

Self Service User Enrollment

Enrollment Notification (Invite Policy)

Since enrollment is must (unless otherwise configured for Auto Enroll) to reset password and unlock account, Administrator needs to ensure and notify users to enroll with JiJi Self Service Password Reset portal. To ease this work for Admin, Self Service Password Reset provides the Enrollment Notification feature as Invite Policy. Invite Policy can be configured in Admin web portal and send emails to users with enough information to complete the enrollement.

Auto Enrollment (Skip enroll)

Auto Enrollment is nothing but configure Self Service Policy to skip the enrollment process. For Challenge and Authentication (Q & A) method, admin can map the Questions with AD user attribute as answer, so that user’s not needed to enroll. When a user reset password or unlock account, the answer of challenged question will be compared with mapped user’s AD attribute value to authenticate the user.

Self Service Auto Enrollment or Skip Enrollment