JiJi Self Service Password/Unlock Reset supports email code verification process. This allows end-users to reset password and unlock account through high level security layers. The built-in multi-factor authentication methods prevent anonymous and malicious access of self-service portal.

At the time of password reset, a verification email is triggered to the user’s email account (configurable). This mail carries a confirmation code and direct verification link. Users can either enter the confirmation code in self-service page or visit the direct link for confirming their identity to reset new password or unlock account.

Password Reset by Email Verification

Administrators can associate an AD attribute with this authentication method that stores the user’s email address, used during verification process. Self Service Password/Unlock Reset even give options to let users update values in the attribute while enrolment.

For extensive usage, there are options available to verify more than one email account.

Password Reset by Email Verification

With Self Service Password Reset Suite, Active Directory users can easily reset their password by email code verification. See the 4-step process to reset password by email authentication.

Password Reset by Email Code Verification