Frequent bad password attempts will results in AD user account to locked out state. Users need to maintain different login accounts for different services. So there may be the maximum possibility to forgot or confuse the AD password. This results in frequent Account Lockouts. To get immediate relief from account lockout JiJi provides the following interfaces to unlock AD account instantly.

  • GINA/Credential Provider from Windows Login Screen
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Web Browser Access (IE, Chrome, Firebox, Safari, etc.)
  • iPhone/Mobile Browser Access
  • Mac OS Logon Agent

For improved security to prevent anonymous/malicious access, JiJi uses multi-factor authentication to prove users identity.

  • Challenge and Response (Question & Answers)
  • Email code verification
  • Mobile/SMS code verification

Active Directory users can easily unlock their locked AD account in 4 steps using Self Service Unlock Suite.

Self Unlock Account by Question and Answers

Unlock Account via Mobile/SMS & Email Code Verification:

Apart from answering the security questions, administrator can also enable Email & Mobile/SMS Code Verification in JiJi Self Service Unlock Suite to provide more security. You can use these all or any authentication methods of your choice with different combinations.

Self Unlock Account by Email or Mobile code verification