JIJI TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, a global leader in systems management and security solutions for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment. We are always in the path of developing our real world knowledge and experience, as a result of which we have succeeded in maximizing technology investments with considerable cost savings. Established as a private company in 2007, we are having our head-quarters in Tirunelveli, India. Our company which is having customers stretching all over the world, is always motivated by 'Customer Satisfaction'. We are proud to say that our company from its inception period, is steadily increasing its growth rate along with sound financial background. Now with an aim to widen our customer base world-wide, we would like to have more efficient and enthusiastic Partners on the following patterns: Distribution Channel Partner/Reseller Partner OEM Partner Referral Partner

Reseller / Distribution Channel Partner

In this kind of marketing, we are willing to offer you an attractive commission for promoting sales of our products. Since we are always alive to the fact that Sales promotion and Distributorship is closely linked to each other, we are ready to offer maximum commission on the sales effected by you without any limitation. In case any problem has to be sorted out with regard technicalities of our products, our Sales Technicians will be at hand to help the customers. We can offer our unstinted support by email or pamphlets either through you or directly to the customers. If any of our customers wants our attention individually with regard to technicalities, we are also ready to provide the same on hearing from them. We are also ready to offer pre-training to your sales people regarding our products. In order to create curiosity in the customers, we are ready to give one to one live demonstration of our products. We will also provide you with documents like Case Study, feedback received from our existing customers regarding reliability and cost worthiness of our products to enable you to assure the customers. Apart from this, we will send you our monthly newsletters and emails regarding our new products. We will regularly update the information regarding our products. We can offer our products duly customized as per the customer's requirements. For more details, please contact sales@jijitechnologies.com

OEM Partner

To facilitate you to become our OEM Partner, we will be glad to offer you our Software Solutions. Our products are having world-class standards and are accompanied with expert support as well as professional services. We are pretty confident that our products will be up to the expectation and requirements of your customers. After becoming an OEM Partner, for JiJi Technologies Private Limited, you will be able to reap rich gains. In case you are already in the field of manufacture and sales of Software Solutions connected to Microsoft Windows, becoming an OEM Partner with us will prove a feather on your cap. JiJi Technologies OEM Partnership will supply you with best infrastructure, Group Policy management and security solutions. Since our Solutions are reputed for durability and trust -worthiness , certainly it will meet with the requirements and demands of your valued customers. For more details, please contact sales@jijitechnologies.com

Referral Partner

Those who want to be Referral Partners, there can be either full time or part time Partnership. They may be either Software Administrators or Software consultants. We will provide them with all kinds of support to enable them to promote our products. We are ready to offer very attractive commissions on our products based on your sales volume. We can negotiate the terms and conditions to our mutual benefits. For more details, please contact sales@jijitechnologies.com