JiJi Self Service Password Reset increases the productivity of organization eliminating needs of end-users to wait for password resetting and account unlocking assistance. This allows help desk administrators to perform more critical tasks rather than focusing on password reset. It even lowers the cost of password management by cutting down the number of calls to administrators for password resets and account unlocks.

JiJi Self Service Password Reset provides following key features to an organisation:

  • Reduces end-users downtime by allowing self-service actions like reset password and unlock account from their Windows Login screen (Ctrl + Alt + Del screen)
  • Eliminates end-users support calls for password resets and account unlocks, allowing help desk administrators to work on critical tasks.
  • Increase security by Multi-Factor Authentications (Mobile/SMS, Email and Question and Answers).
  • Supports FIPS compliance by strong data encryption using Microsoft’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.
  • Enforces Active Directory password policy for password reset, which is flexible to control.
  • Provides easy customisation of logo banner, title bar, header and footer to relate appearance of the product to the brand.
  • Installs web portal over DMZ (Internet Zone), allowing users to carry out self-service activities over internet rather than depending on company network.
  • Supports major European languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian).
  • Integrates easily with existing intranet web applications such as Outlook Web Access (OWA) and SharePoint.
  • Integrates easily with third party Mobile/SMS API provider in secured manner to support mobile authentication.
  • Fulfils HIPAA compliance by providing high security, monitoring features.
  • Logs end-user activity such as password reset, failed requests, incorrect answers, unlocks, enrolments.
  • Provides insightful reports of end-user and admin activities along with schedule report facility.