In the corporate world, Active Directory works in the same manner as corporate white pages does. It is used for decision making and hence, maintaining and updating the employee's information like address, contact details, designation in the directory is important.

Employees retrieve their co-worker's details through Outlook that uses Active Directory to draw the employee's detail. In short, the entire organisation uses Active Directory information for their official purposes.


Maintaining an updated detail of the employees in Active Directory is a cumbersome task for admin or help desk. Moreover, spending a few hours to check accuracy of the information is vital. If an employee changes his/her phone number or moves to another location, the latest information has to be updated in Active Directory. Failing to do so will result in retrieving incorrect information during a needy situation, adding unnecessary burdens. Even the valuable time of administrator goes in vain because of updating wrong detail entered by user.

In order to save the admin from such intricacies, JiJi Self Service Password Reset offers Self Update User system. Employees can update their own contact information whenever it is changed, reducing the workload of administrator and making Active Directory accurate.

Benefits of JiJi Self Update System

 Administrator can allow user to update his/her own information in Active Directory without the interference of help desk or admin. This in turn keeps Active Directory information updated and reliable.
 Administrator can design the employee's Active Directory Self Update webpage using simple drag-n-drop process.

JiJi SelfUpdate

 Administrator can customise and assign a unique Self Update layout, that consist selected fields to a particular group, OU or to the entire domain.

JiJi SelfUpdate

 Administrator can set certain fields mandatory like personal and official information. The end-user cannot neglect those fields while entering detail.
 Administrator can set permission levels such as read-only or edit permission on various fields for Self Update end-user webpage.
 Administrator can add constraints and validity checks on certain fields like phone number, webpage and e-mail for Self Update end-user webpage.
 Administrator can provide ‘Help’ text in order to avoid confusion for user, while updating information.
 Administrator can also add custom schema attributes such as employee ID, bar code number etc.

JiJi SelfUpdate

 Administrator can select display type for each field on Self Update page. It can be text box, combo box, photo etc.
 Administrator can also set a fixed length for all the fields.

JiJi SelfUpdate