JiJi Self Service Password Reset monitor and logs step by step end-user activity such as password reset, failed requests, incorrect answers, unlocks, enrollments so that Admin can easily monitor the self-service actions done by end users and to calculate ROI in real time. It provides statistical data of user activity as dashboard report and also detailed report, you can export / schedule these reports to run at set time and export reports in different formats like CSV, PDF and HTML.

Sample dashboard usage report of end user activity:

End User Auditing and Detailed Reports

Along with dashboard usage report, you can also generate / schedule following audit reports and real time reports which will be helpful to calculate ROI in using the product as well as for auditing and future references.

Self Service Audit Reports:

  • Enrolled Users
  • Reset Password
  • Unlock Account
  • Change Password
  • Reset Password Failed Attempt
  • Unlock Account Failed Attempt

Real-Time AD Reports:

  • Password Expired Users
  • Soon To Expire User Password
  • Enabled Users
  • Disabled Users
  • Locked-Out Users
  • Inactive Users
  • Enrolled Users
  • Not Enrolled Users