Password Management

IT Admin across the world are responsible for managing Active Directory user's password requests. At JiJi Technologies, we understand how tiresome it can be for Admin to receive huge volume of password requests and the time spent by the entire staff in handling these. In the words of Gartner, 30% of helpdesk requests are related to password resets and the average price spent for handling each such request is $17.88, as per industry standards. Thus, we offer a comprehensive set of password management solutions that makes implementation of strong password policies easy, as with the help of our solutions the password reset actions are delegated to users.

Following are the ways JiJi Technologies provide password management solutions:

Self Service Password Reset

Using JiJi Self Service Password Reset, Admin can hand over the password reset facility to users. By this, the users can authenticate themselves by choosing from the 3 ways of authentication, which include:

  • Security Q&A
  • Email Verification
  • Mobile Code Verification

A user-friendly product, this solution from JiJi Technologies can be easily integrated with the existing website, allowing users to reset passwords or unlock accounts from their computers, laptops, tabs or mobile phones. It gives the Admin, freedom to manage different set of users with different authentication methods. This can be done by creating different policies and applying it to respective scopes/OU. Thus, this product simplifies management of every kind of users. It comes with 50+ built-in password reports that can be scheduled based on the requirements.

JiJi Self Service Password Reset is best suited for large organizations, where the Admin have to manage various sets of users such as permanent employees, contract employees, and management. Each requires different rules of management and hence, separate policies can be set up with this.

Helpdesk Password Reset

With JiJi Helpdesk Password Reset, Admin can delegate the password reset facility to only specific users in organization. It is this group who has the permission to reset passwords of other users. For instance, Helpdesk staffs are granted access to a simple web portal to reset passwords for other users, instead of getting access to AD for login and handling the requests. This in turn, increases productivity and security of the users. Thus, it is best suited for schools, where password reset requests of students are handled by the staff.

Password and Account Expiration Notification

A simple tool, JiJi Password and Account Expiration Notification can send SMS and email notifications to users before their passwords/accounts are about to expire. This tool enables Admin to customize/brand SMS and emails that are sent to users on particular days, using predefined macros.

Connectors for Password Synchronization

This tool is a boon for users who have more than one individual account with different enterprise systems under a corporate environment. With JiJi Self Service Password Reset and its connectors, multiple accounts of users on different systems can be connected to one another. There are various mapping options present in the connectors that are related to the system accounts. Since it is a connected system, users can enroll their request once with their enrollment details and reset passwords on all systems. Presently, we have connectors for Meditech and other AD domains available with us.