With JiJi Self Service Password Reset, end-user can reset his/her own Active Directory password in a secured manner without the involvement of any professionals from technical help desk. JiJi Self Service Password Reset lowers end-user downtime as he/she no longer has to wait for technical assistance from the helpdesk department. User can reset the forgotten or lost password and can unlock the account.

JiJi Self Service Password Reset provides following key features to reduce end-user downtime:

  • User of Windows [GINA/Credential Provider] and Mac OS can reset his/her password from the locked screen (Ctrl + Alt + Del screen) through Logon Agents
  • User can have the ability to reset password from remote machine through OWA login pages.
  • IPhone/Mobile browser support enabled for self-service portal.
  • End-user is ensured of security through Multi Factor Authentications process (Mobile/SMS, Email and Question and Answers), while resetting password.
  • User can enroll into self-service portal using different type of enrollment options such as Auto Enroll, Invite Enroll and Force Enroll.
  • User can access Self Service portal from Windows, Mac and Chrome book.
  • User can even easily update his/her AD attributes (ex: phone, address, etc.) from Self Service portal.

User can reset AD password from his/her Windows Login screen by following four simple steps.

Self Service Password Reset Process