Managing user accounts, computers and contacts in Active Directory is a time consuming job for administrators. AD Bulk Manager helps administrator to make AD management process simple.

You can create / modify / delete users, computers and contacts attributes in bulk (General Attributes, Exchange Attributes, Terminal Service Attributes etc) by importing the values from CSV or using a template.


Export-Import Data

Using JiJi AD Manager, you can export the data from Active Directory in CSV format. Make the necessary changes and get the approval. Import the data to Active Directory. Created or Modified objects data can be exported to CSV / PDF / Excel for reference. If problem occurs during creation / modification of an object, initial settings will be reverted. Attributes which creates problem will be shown in the result page.

Random Generator Settings

Random generator settings can be used to generate password with different password complexities.


Templates are used to speed up the process of user creation and modification.


1000s of user accounts can be created within seconds even without CSV using populate feature.

Naming Format

You can define your own naming formats.

Switch View

You can view the data in Native GUI View as well as in Data Grid view.