AuditReporter is a web based auditing solution, which monitors and generates report needed for auditing
Active Directory
Group Policy
File Server
Exchange Server
JiJi AuditReporter also provides the complete information about each change i.e.,

Who changed?
When changed?
What changed?
Where changed?


Centralized enterprise governance and risk management.
Makes SOX, HIPAA, ITIL compliance audits easier.
Automated & Custom Email notifications about changes.
Makes troubleshooting easier.
Reduces help desk calls.
Return on Investment (ROI) is high.
Reduces cost & improves security.
Increases the productivity.


JiJi AuditReporter's support for enterprise management

Support for Governance

  • JiJi AuditReporter supports IT administrators in finding any discrepancies in systems securities, as well as enforcing pre-defined company's IT policies.
  • Empowers administrator to spot, who made the change, when, what and many more.
  • With few clicks, "JiJi AuditReporter" tool can be configured to generate audit reports to review the status of your company's environment.
  • In simple words, JiJi AuditReporter helps administrators to take action before the situation goes too far.
  • Also, administrators can easily configure the tool, to report instantly or on demand.

Support for Risk Management

  • Having internal audit and external regularity audit in mind, JiJi AuditReporter is designed to serve for any audit requests.
  • In JiJi AuditReporter, 800+ out of box reports are available.
  • Support for conducting inch by inch investigation on changes undergone by any AD object, whether it was done by manual intervention or by some services.
  • This tool helps IT administrators to stay complaint and be on top of any security loopholes.

Support for Compliance

  • JiJi AuditReporter is an excellent AD reporting tool that can furnish reports to satisfy regularity.
  • Using this tool you can access and generate numerous reports which are mainly requested for SOX, HIPAA, ITIL compliances audits.