GingerEx Email Signature Management Tool

GingerEx Email Signature Management Tool is a powerful tool that helps Admins to Create, Distribute and Manage users email signature from a central system.

  •   Office 365
  •   Exchange On permises
  •  Outlook on the Web (OWA)
  •  Outlook client
  •  Mobile browsers

Setup email signature across multiple platforms

Help Admin to set up Generic email signature across Office 365, Outlook and Mobile App users.

Auto-populate user details from Office365/AD

Auto populate users personal details such as Name, Department, Phone, etc from Office 365 console

Brand your signature

Brand users signatures by adding user photo or company Logo. Format HTML signatures from variety of professionally made templates.

View signature while drafting

Users can view their signature while drafting emails

Signature placement

Signature will appear below the message in Forward / Reply emails

Personalize signature for each departments

Create different signature and apply to different departments easily

Stay ahead of the compliance

Protect your company from Legal liability and stay compliant by enforcing appropriate Signature / Disclaimers


Enforce signature policy to users so they cannot send email without signature.

Block existing Signatures and Apply new templates

You can easily block the existing email signatures used in OWA / Outlook and apply new signatures for those in a click.

Works on Outlook client

Don’t worry about the outlook version the user is in. Control users not to change their signature from Outlook signature panel.


Set activation and expiration date for each signatures. Hence signatures can be used for promotions or convey seasonal messages

Manage from central location

Email signature actions such as Create / Assign / Update / Schedule / Enforce can be managed from a single installation.

Policies for Signature Management

Create different set of policies and apply it to different departments / users and set Start / End dates individually.