GingerEx Office 365 Video Management


Bulk Channel creation with permissions

Provision multiple Office365 Video Channels with required permissions through CSV

Bulk upload videos to different channels

  •   Upload multiple videos to different channels
  •   Option to re-try failed upload
  •   Get alert on upload process completion

Edit Channel Permission

  •   Get report on existing channel permission
  •   Update channel permissions (supports bulk action)

Office 365 Video Actions

  •   Move / Copy videos between channels
  •   Delete Videos
  •   Edit storage quota. Get email alert on reaching the storage quota.

Migrate video assets from existing SharePoint to
Office 365 Video

Office 365 Video Reporting

  •   Channel statistics report [Storage Quota, No. of videos, video views count]
  •   Audit the video channels [Audit channel permission change, audit viewers of the video]